The Safe House Project 2009 for Displaced & Homeless MSM reviewed & more

In response to numerous requests for more information on the defunct Safe House Pilot Project that was to address the growing numbers of displaced and homeless men in Kingston in 2007/8/9, a review of the relevance of the project and the possible avoidance of present issues with some of its previous residents if it were kept open. Recorded June 12, 2013; also see from the former Executive Director named in the podcast more background on the project: HERE

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Youth Ministry to develop programmes to address LGBT youth, homeless, destitute and vulnerable children

I hope this is not hot air only to win the next election or to take the heat of their backs following the buggery review ditch by the Prime Minister recently. Diplomatic pressure we know is being brought to bear in certain respects but I would much prefer rights from a genuine place instead of being granted by severe pressure. I also hope there is NO REPARATIVE therapy agenda hidden here, I am still concerned about the expertise that seems to be most rained under religious run tertiary institutions with a sanitised imperative towards homosexuality as expressed in youth.

Firstly here is the release (more 2 cents below):

Kingston, April 15, 2013: The Minister of Youth and Culture the Hon. Lisa Hanna has disclosed that the Youth Ministry is now in the process of developing new services, initiatives and programmes to address the ever- changing and complex needs of today's children and youth. This, she says is necessary, if the Government is to adequately and effectively address the challenges, concerns and needs of the different types of youth the Ministry serves.

These groups include, but are not limited to, Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender(LGBT) youth, Men who have sex with Men (MSMs) and youth with sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) issues.

The Youth Minister was speaking at the Panos Caribbean Stakeholder Conference held at the Terra Nova Hotel this morning, April 15, 2014.

" As the Minister of Youth and Culture, I'm responsible for all children and this is not to dismiss the individual and specific challenges of any grouping but to make it clear that we will have to do away with the hypodermic needle approach and develop and implement targeted interventions for each grouping"

Minister Hanna explained that given the lack of data on LGBT youth, the stakeholder consultation is not only timely but necessary as it will provide the Ministry with a better understanding of what the issues are. Additionally, the consultation will identify workable solutions and best practices on how to care and protect those young people who are homeless, destitute and vulnerable especially those belonging to a sexual minority or who are viewed as 'different' in any way.

"Jamaica has to now understand the issues facing our children. It is not only our duty provide shelter and protection for those children who have been abandoned and abused but to also provide the therapeutic intervention to address the physical and psychological harm they have suffered."

Minister Hanna says given the diversity of our youth population, it is clear that the Government will not only have to rethink how they plan, develop and implement programmes geared towards youth development but there will also have to be a 'resetting' of the mind and of the way in which we treat each other.

The Stakeholders Consultation was sponsored by Panos Caribbean in collaboration with the World Learning Organization and USAID and was attended by members of the Ministry and the Inter-Ministerial Working Group on Children, Panos Caribbean, UNICEF, the Child Development Agency, OCR,Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Education, Board-chair of the Maxfield Children's Home, JFLAG, Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network.


Recent matters however make this aspirational public relations problematic such as

1) the transferring of the homo-paedophile accusation problem from her ministry to another ministry (with a Supreme Court case pending as filed by the accused) see: Youth Ministry official accused of homo-paedophile acts takes Minister, OCA & Public Services Commission to court 

2) The Alpha Boys' School/Home closure and the PR disaster looming: Alpha Boys' Nuns say Youth Minister homosexual abuse/grooming comments hurting their image/residents

This is the holy grail that some none state actors wanted to hear as they wanted government to address LGBT homelessness while they sit by in other limelights refusing to engage the displaced MSM/Transgender youth directly with excuse after excuse crafted for doing so. Frankly speaking I want NO government agency to address this, we have anecdotal and hard evidence from even first world countries that state agencies do not do well engaging such populations and that specific LGBTQ owned, managed and staffed agencies with the right people can handle transitioning and re-integration matters of this sort.

Lest we forget the several spaces designated for homeless persons (photos above in Kingston designated as future shelter by the previous JLP government) generally over the years and that a chip/numbering system would have been implemented to locate and monitor their movements.

Also see:
Buggery law conscience vote for parliament soon

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Promised (I mean suggested) Conscience vote on Buggery law not a priority right now (yet again) says PM

The Line in the Sand for the JLP Part 14 ...... but vote ☐ PNP ☐ JLP ☑ Legalize Buggery/Anal Sex in private

Let us see how this one plays out, pardon my scepticism folks but when we have been promised by politicians with fancy speeches and nothing in the end we do not hold much hope until what is promised comes to fruition.

Peace and tolerance


Court hears case of promoter setting a patron on fire .........

A disturbing headline appeared in yesterday's Star News and at first glance it looked weird enough however the name calling component of this case is what drew my attention and subsequent investigations suggest that "battyman" was amongst one of them as the now scarred patron was half drunk after some frolicking at the particular pool party.

The sexual orientation of the persons involved is the least here but the fact that a man accused of being gay (for to embarrass him and win the argument) could have led to his demise being fire; we know that the call to "bun out" or burn out gays has been a regular one by certain musicians for decades via murder music or homo-negative songs.

Here is the Star's report:

A promoter who allegedly came out of hiding some four months after being accused of setting a patron ablaze at a pool party in Kingston was dragged before the Corporate Area Resident's Magistrate's Court last Friday.

The accused, 20-year-old Omari Riley, of a downtown Kingston address, is charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

Riley pleaded not guilty when the matter was called up.

The court heard that Riley, the promoter of a pool party, allegedly wrapped a sleeping patron in plastic and set fire to him at an Oxford Road location, where he attended his party.

The complainant appeared in court with burnt marks that were visible all over his skin.

While he stood to state his claim, the courtroom was in complete silence as everyone wanted to hear what transpired that could have yielded such an outcome.

He told the court that he was admitted to hospital for four months during which the accused perpetrator had been hiding from investigators with whom he had made a report.

The complainant said, "Him and him friend wrap me up ina plastic bag ... and dem use thinner to light me a fire. When me jump up and rush to the pipe it melted in my hands, me start bawl murder and the people call the police and dem carry me go KPH."

The court was also told that the complainant was kicked by Riley, who he allegedly heard call his name before he was engulfed in flames.

"Your Honour, me answer and say me good but me did really want sleep," the complainant said.

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked why the man was not before the courts until now, and was told that he had left the community for a while and was nabbed after he resurfaced thinking that things were calm.

Riley was further remanded and is to return to court on April 29.

He was ordered to give his fingerprints to the police.


Why would the accused go to such extreme to set the man ablaze?

I hope this case is treated with urgency and if he is guilty be met with the strictest force as the law allows, setting persons on fire is not a usual practice here in Jamaica and is reserved for jungle justice matters where a thief is caught usually in a rural area.

Peace and tolerance


Young “Sports” please, please, please avoid “area men”


The concept of “area men” or the colloquial “area man” first came about in the 80s I believe on the concept of gangsterism in Jamaica at first with the idea of donmanship nestled in hyper-masculinity with an alpha male who commands, owns and decides for others how an area’s economic, social and even spiritual life is experienced, donmanship of course is a broader burrowed concept from the Italian mafia whether in Italy or the Americanised version where one person would control a mostly criminal network with legitimate business and misogynistic ideals to project strength; multiple female partnering is crucial to projecting this strength as it were, non gangster types also aspire to some of these ideals as espoused in song via Reggae and subsequently glorified in dancehall so the ideal man is this imposing character with some physical prowess controlling a space (his home or avenue or community) psychologically instilling fear, reverence and respect in some sense. The sense of community “area” is real and protection of the space is key and those who reside in it; the notion that while Jamaica’s homo-negativity or homophobia is more pronounced in lower socio-economic strata there is a level of protection that kicks in via the “born and grow” idea suggesting belonging or ownership or a sense of community that automatically rings the ideal of safety via familiarity. Effeminacy which is a key marker to profile or teased alleged gay men maybe overlooked sometimes in that space although if an “outsider” or non permanent resident attempts to do so they might find themselves the brunt of surprise resistance from the other “born and grows”

The word “Sports” in the post title is an old colloquial term used to describe a usually young frisky gay man; usually a cruiser or implying some sexual procedural intent and has transcended generations with derivatives such as “chile” (child) a burrowed African American ballroom term used also by drag queens more so suggesting the effeminate counterpart to “sport” ; then there are:

“Puddin’ pan” – suggesting an object linked to femininity in this case the kitchen as used by women or the pudding itself which psychologically implies some feminine cisgender imperative.

“She” a more derogatory connotation for the most part when used in a sentence to describe another gay man in a lesser light ascribing femininity as understood in societal constructs as women are the weaker sex. Emphasis on the pronunciation is key, an elongated tone implies more disdain towards the intended subject while more normal or original tone suggest just a feminine description of the intended subject(s) with an air of familiarity.

With those said the idea of young gay or transwomen in lower to middle income communities who are either forcibly evicted, beaten or vilified in those spaces is real based on anecdotal data or hard evidence there opposite is also true when taking into account area familiarity and protection mechanisms that go into effect. Homosexual relations in such circumstances do happen but tend to come with pain of serious punishment or exposure by the party involved as exposure to the rest of the community of that nature usually based on cases seen before triggers a more caustic response, how could one have such a “secret” right in the midst of the community is usually the question that pops up when examining such cases; disturbance of such kinds in the community’s status quo is not treated kindly, hyper-masculine types especially who want to control their sexual partners while living a behaviourally bisexual lifestyle imposes the strict adherence to the code of secrecy with guarded jealousy especially when those partners are in any way effeminate.

One tends to see more hyper-masculine types who engage in same gender sex usually on the down-low also staying within their group in order to avoid effeminacy of any kind as the guilty by association mantra may apply, especially when any incident causes exposure then he would not run the risk of the “after exposure speculation” by the rest of the community to fit the pieces of the previously unknown secret. The reason I wrote this post was a recent incident has brought the matter to some discussion on social media where a young bisexual man found himself in a non romantic sexual relationship with a so called gangster in his community, apparently they both resided in the area but were unaware of each other’s tastes, the relationship continued with immediate consummation but it soon soured to violence and attempts of control and extortion in a sense as the other party demanded that under pain of exposure the young bisexual was to alloy a set amount of funds on a timely basis, do his laundry and other demands including deciding sexual positions and role play. This burrowing of hetero-patriarchal relationship concepts into same gender sexual relations is recipe for disaster as evidenced from previous non homophobic murders.

The dominant partner in this case is depending on the perception of his masculine image as a man’s man thus he could never be involved in homosexual activity while the bisexual man with his more docile demeanour may not be so lucky to escape scrutiny given the masculine measurements applied in such profiling. I have heard this warning of avoiding “area men” from my own experience in my younger days and older persons would warn us I guess based on their own experiences; the clash of cultures and personality types is crucial where the sparks may fly.

So just a warning to you and your friends if you happen to have a brethren in or very close to your own community, be careful of familiarity that close.

Peace and tolerance


Alpha Boys' Nuns say Youth Minister homosexual abuse/grooming comments hurting their image/residents


Some good news had come in the form of this Alpha Boys School to become Vocational Training Centre

Now comes this strong denial from the administrators of the home yet again denying that the claims of sexual grooming and predatory are not true; bearing in mind 
The Minister’s exact words regarding the same sex activities she said she was told by the Nuns at Alpha (Roman Catholic sisters of Mercy) in February was as follows:

“The sisters of mercy cited the grave anti social behaviour ….. the sexual predatory nature of the boys on one another on a daily basis ……… the incapability of human capital to respond to the many and changing faces of the issues manifested today, the challenge is further compounded by the high cost of care for each child.”

Are the sisters going by their own assessment of the situation from a church standpoint thus interpreting the matter as predatory (not saying it is all together true) there was some denial of the reasons for the discontinued residency component by one PR representative Joshua Chamberlain who said on radio “There is absolutely no truth from those suggesting the home is shutting down partly due to inappropriate behaviour among Alpha Boys, residential care if transitioning to day care……” I guess the goodly PR rep is trying to avoid a generalization that the boys are wholesale perverts as slightly suggested by the Youth Minister.

The Observer today reports (with a previous cartoon to boot):

ALPHA Boys' Home administrators yester-day made it clear that their decision to close the institution's residential programme was influenced by "many factors related to finance and personnel".

The revelation was made in a statement issued by the Sisters of Mercy — a Catholic order of nuns responsible for the operations of the home -- in response to what they described as "unfortunate statements... and resulting media commentaries, including a shocking cartoon, which have been disrespectful and have caused great stress to our students".

"We wish to express our sadness at these turn of events on behalf of Alpha students and children in State care everywhere in Jamaica," the Sisters of Mercy said.

The nuns did not name Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna in their statement. However, it was clear that their disapproval was also directed at her announcement last week that the residential programme was being closed due to antisocial and psychotic behaviour by boys living at Alpha.

Hanna had called a press conference and said that "the Sisters of Mercy cited the grave antisocial behaviour of children in the care system, the sexual predatory nature of the boys on one another, children who are witnesses of serious crimes or are victims of heinous acts, and who are non-responsive to traditional interventions for which their institutions have been equipped to provide".

But yesterday, the nuns suggested that those "untruths and half-truths... voiced and published in the press about the closure of the residential programme" have caused serious damage to the boys living at Alpha.

"They feel rejected, their pain is great," Sister Marie Chin, area administrator for the Sisters of Mercy, said in reference to the boys in a discussion with the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

She said that since the "irresponsible" announcement last week, the boys are being labelled as homosexuals, a branded Alpha Boys' Home bus was stoned, people have been yelling at the driver, and teachers at the school have been confronted by individuals on the streets.

Sister Marie reiterated that cost was a major factor in the nuns' decision and confirmed information relayed to the Observer that Alpha was being granted a quarter of the funds allocated to Government-run orphanages monthly, despite repeated pleas by the nuns to be brought on par.

"The $6,000 per child is used to cover their education, food, clothing -- all their needs," Sister Marie said.

"We are deeply committed to taking care of boys at risk, but we need help," she said.

In their statement yesterday, the Sisters of Mercy pointed out that the issues of financing and adequate personnel were not new and were raised with successive governments over several years.

The nuns reiterated that St John Bosco Children's Home in Mandeville, which they also operate, will continue to provide residential care to over 100 boys.

However, the decision in relation to Alpha, they said, is timely, given the Child Development Agency's new thrust toward foster care and family reintegration.

"The restructuring of Alpha will facilitate the Sisters of Mercy along with the Ministry of Education and HEART to offer remedial education for more than 200 boys, along with technical and vocational education," the nuns said.

"Our renowned music education will also be expanded to include radio, sound production and commercial components,"

they said.


Meanwhile on radio since the news broke some commentators have misconstrued the described same gender sex activity as a plot to homosexualize the boys, take this clip from Newstalk 93FM:

Let us watch this one to see where it goes folks but I do not like the tone and colour of this conversation at all when placed on the backdrop of LGBT rights and perceived homo-paedophile intent. Abuse is abuse no matter the gender of the perpetrator or victim, any adult that is attracted to a child below the age of consent has a diagnosable disorder according to the diagnostic criteria for such disorders in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, DSM. 

Situation homosexuality among peers in my view is a totally different scenario although some cases my have duress or abuse as features as well but they must be addressed as needed.

Peace and tolerance


Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh really! ............ Penile/anal penetration is NOT SEX Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society?


FIRSTLY It is a pleasurable experience I dare say with the right tools, preparation and protection. The anus can in fact is an erogenous zone.

SECONDLY I though “Sex” was more than just genitalia or orifices (mouth included) colliding but the psychological, emotional, the subconscious and pleasurable feelings that come.

Yesterday on Power 106FM’s Justice program host Marlene Malahoo Forte had as her guest a representative from the anti gay Christian membered group The Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society in a bid to challenge the recently launched conference on a campaign named Justice for All designed in part to deal with PLWHA’s dignity and so on the rep tried to show that there is a hidden LGBT agenda by the “Imperialist Gay Lobby” yes the name calling as usual led by the founder of the JCHS Dr Wayne West who has a fixation on anal SEX via his blog it seems and makes me wonder sometimes. He is transfixed on certain practices such as fisting (use of one’s fist to penetrate another’s anus for sexual pleasure) scat (playing with or use of faecal matter as lube for penile, object, sex-toy or fist penetration or eating of such residue) and felching (eating sperm from another’s rectum aka breeding for barebacking persons) while yet describing all of them as ANAL SEX of some type yet here comes a representative saying anal/penile penetration or any event with a toy or object is not SEX; said practices are more common in European or sub groups in MSM culture in the US for e.g. skinheads, White Supremacists, Biker and leather communities with the latter having some persons of African descent as members. I guess repeating it long enough it may sink in to his blind following as fact then he complains about deception? He has now added gay pride to his list of items he continually attacks with near belligerent name calling while focusing on nudists who make up a small percentage of the total number of types that attend the annual event all over. The event happens all over the world and which also includes curious heterosexuals (non sexual interest) who watch and laugh or jeer much to the delight or ignoring by the revellers or marchers.

Anal penile penetration (SEX) is not the untidy affair as he would want to make it out to be I have repeatedly said this via my own blogs and podcasts as many pharmacies nationally even in rural areas no longer hiding related paraphernalia behind the counter anymore where one would have to whisper to the clerk for them but now even in the caustic climate that we are in can purchase lube, fleet and disposable enema kits and flushing packages quite openly barring the failure of nerves and prying eyes of those who perceive such products are only bought by gays. I have had my own share of stares when making my purchase but I feel proud doing so at least I am fresh and prepared for any eventuality. After all enemas are not only for pre-anal sex cleansing but also for persons with bowel movement issues, persons with constipation problems and some elderly patients who need supervised living services via homes and a caregiver.

also see causes and symptoms of haemorrhoids 

Rimming (oral anal contact which does not necessarily mean penetration by such method – a tongue) is also not such a wide practice locally just by cultural observation, scientifically it may be difficult to capture how wide spread this is done but given the above mentioned enema methods now part and parcel of some of the HIV prevention strategies for MSM though much more is needed I can imagine there is some interest. As for chariot racing

Even if we were to look at fisting and the others that Dr West so readily use to promote his arguments not to free up buggery (when he could very well be promoting them for us and the public to become used to in the long run) fisters have their own set of products for preparation of such a far more painful but somewhat pleasurable episode as we know the anal region is lined with mucous membranes that assist with sensation (how else could you know if you want to use the bathroom?) just Google fisting products and see the results and to numb the pain the resourceful poppers are available which is also used by heterosexual couples who practice double penile penetration, Dr West is silent on that part where straight couples do other forms of penetrative acts. 

Worth repeating:

Fisters, felchers et al exists in sub sub cultures of the greater men who have sex communities mostly in Euro and Caucasian populations in such groups as bikers, skinheads (racist or not), leather communities (which may include persons of African descent in the US) and a few others so I just want to smash in any way this notion being paraded by the goodly doctor that such practices are universally practiced. His colleague Reverend Clinton Chisholm recently held a seminar on Homosexuality Clinical and Biblical Perspectives where old US based NARTH, National Association for Psychoanalytic Research and Therapy of Homosexuals commissioned studies were readily presented and believed by mostly supporters in attendance and of course the sanitised and monitored question and answer section showed the need to tailor the narrative dishonestly to suit the anti-gay push, very little room was allowed for pro-gay audience members to speak. Let us also not forget his Gleaner article on February 5, 2012 entitled Homosexuality: Clinical Realities where he promoted for the most part reparative therapy also using NARTH’s misrepresented studies bearing in mind several researchers have complained, distance themselves and even taken legal action against the entity but such studies are still being paraded as the pariah to justify their opposition to homosexuality and related matters.

Since the matter of sexual orientation is often overlooked in their zeal to obstruct the discourse around the decriminalization or repeal of buggery in Jamaica let us examine anal SEX for what it is, oops I forgot it is not SEX so let us use anal penetration for now until otherwise when we get to an orgasm.

See my post on that and the audio on sister blog GLBTQ Jamaica: 
Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society continues its “HIV is a gay disease” campaign with more deception

However the representative made a comment that I had to do a triple take to digest it and it dawned on me that how a female heterosexual (I presume) woman who has never been anally penetrated perhaps begin to understand the pleasure of the “act” she and others find reprehensible? I know I run the risk of exposing myself legally to discuss this openly but Buggery’s proof if contingent on a doctor’s report closer to the time when the accused is caught in the act allegedly, firstly here among other things was what the representative said after she was asked about the history of the buggery law and what in their original legislators infinite wisdom made them draft it she answered: “One of the things that people confuse is that they try to suggest that anal penetration is sex and it is my understanding that the intestine is not a sex organ it can’t procreate, buggery, it is the misuse of the anus can do physical harm to the recipient in terms of the sphincter muscle going, people say you’re not gonna get HIV AIDS if you use a condom but the person being penetrated has on a condom is at risk and harm because the insides of the intestine were not never meant withstand the types of friction from that type of penetration, it tears easily and then you end up with a myriad of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV which is most easily transmitted in this type of environment, it must be noted that HIV is not only an epidemic it is a pandemic ........ The buggery law must remain as a danger sign because it does harm not only to the individual but to society and the world at large ..........”

Questions come to mind:

So if millions of men (and women) who want to go into “.....the misuse of the anus” why the hell is that any concern to the JCHS providing it is private consent, why try to peek through my keyhole in effect to police my private decisions?

So when we hear of oral sex what it that pray tell? I want to ask her, (going to send the JCHS an email copy of this post) if we are to follow this logic the mouth would not be an organ either bas it too sometimes excretes voluntarily (spit, baby’s puke) or responsively (vomit) or takes in food but only her holy vagina, so what term must we give that kind of act then where oral anal or oral genital sex (oops there I go again) I mean stimulation or penetration is involved?

Intercrural (or fake penetration/leggings/dry sex) Sex; what should we call that seeing that the crotch of anyone is used for such a practice especially women when they are at their cycle and do not want either to be penetrated or their partner does not want to enter the vagina until the cycle has ended.

Tribadism: Vaginal rubbing though risky in terms of HIV, yeasts and other STIs transmission but that can be considered SEX then seeing if we are to go by the JCHS rep’s conclusion vagina’s are the holy grail here; by the way females can actually reach an orgasm while being penetrated anally I might add but I guess that is not SEX despite the possible pleasurable outcome. The anus and indeed rectum’s makeup includes many receptive modules it may have been intelligent design’s intent for pleasure.

What explains the pleasure a man feels especially with an erect penis placed squarely inside the rectum and the head of the member stimulates the back of the scrotum from inside? I forgot she is a woman and wouldn't understand as she sees the ass as a shit pit only, I though sex is meant to be enjoyed by various means then maybe it is no wonder why some of these marriages are boring and die or are lifeless as the only thing (if we are to go by the JCHS rep) sexual they know and practice is vaginal penetration (won’t call it sex)

Does the JCHS or this rep understand how buggery is proven? It is not simply by their disgust at anal SEX or breaking their necks to peek through my keyhole to cock block oops I am sorry, penis block (how remiss of me to use street language) to see if a cock/penis is in ones ass oops I mean rectum as assuming a copulative position is not enough; seeing that the above mentioned intercrural SEX is an alternate method of same gender male sex but a doctor’s examination is the determinant evidential material with certain key pointers on the report showing clearly that penetration took place with certain chemicals present. Having been charged falsely for the crime in 1996 I am all too aware of the procedural, judicial and legal manoeuvrings that entail having gone through them for three plus years in our sluggish court systems and understanding that precedence has been set at the level of common law of consenting adults caught (once proven in court) or charged usually have their cases adjourned sine die (lack of prosecutorial evidence but can be recalled within 7 years as my case was) or simply thrown out if it passes through the hands of a sensible resident magistrate.

Is the JCHS aware that nearly every pharmacy in Jamaica one can get anal hygiene implements (seeing the rep is preoccupied with faeces or the presence thereof in anal SEX) to purchase and that sex toy stores popping up all over do cater to the same gender sex male communities as well for not only toys but hygiene and care products?

Does the JCHS’s rep understand the delicate nature of mucosa linings of the ass oops I mean anus or rectum and the sensations that obtain during SEX when they are stimulated repeatedly and that a man while being penetrated can reach an orgasm or ejaculate without self pleasuring or masturbation? I have had such luck many a moons with various types of men, the “G” spot principle also applies here too but not all SGL men who practice receptive sex

Maybe someone needs to send these people a copy of the Joy of Gay Sex book/DVD or Greek Homosexuality or better yet some hardcore black gay porn as they need a rude awakening here additionally a monthly newsletter or something to save these people from their own ignorance and fear, going beyond sexual orientation one must fulfil their urge for sexual pleasure. Bearing in mind also that non penetrative sex between same gender attracted or curious males is real for e.g. that found in prisons (situational homosexuality/prison wife phenomenon/substitutional sex) places of safety, barracks.

Anal SEX has been happening for oh so long if one checks the documented sexual history one will see either via hieroglyphics, papyrus scrolls, pottery or carvings in caves and condoms from as early as 2500 years ago as sheep intestine through to the latex and other materials we see today.

related post with anti gay positions from associated names/groups: 

Perception of Jamaican LGBTQ lobby bullying continues

Caribbean Region Must Change Mindset About HIV/AIDS – Dr. Ferguson

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson addresses day-two of the PAN-Caribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS’ (PANCAP) consultation on justice and human rights being held at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston from April 9 to 11. The forum is being held under the theme: ‘Advancing Justice for All and Human Rights in the Caribbean’.
Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson addresses day-two of the PAN-Caribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS’ (PANCAP) consultation on justice and human rights being held at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston from April 9 to 11. The forum is being held under the theme: ‘Advancing Justice for All and Human Rights in the Caribbean’.
Health Minister, Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson, has called for a change in mindset and greater solidarity among peoples of the Caribbean to end stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS.

This is particularly necessary among key populations that are at higher risk of infection, he insists.

“Our culture remains one of the biggest barriers to the type of success we want, in terms of ending stigma and discrimination. Strong cultural and religious beliefs have led to the isolation of some high risk groups,” he stated.

Dr. Ferguson, who was speaking at Thursday’s (April 10) second of a three-day Caribbean Consultation on Justice for All and Human Rights Agenda, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston from April 9 to 11, said these majority sentiments continue to interfere with HIV-reduction and treatment among certain groups across the region.

He noted that it will not be easy to tackle many of the deeply embedded systems that form part of the cultural and religious principles of many persons in the region, but said it must be done in order to ensure justice, human rights and proper treatment for all.

Dr. Ferguson further argued that Caribbean leaders have a role to play in ensuring the dignity of all persons and providing equal opportunity for all to strive in society.

“As leaders, we have to put aside our personal beliefs, discomfort, and prejudices. We, therefore, have to initiate frank dialogue on stigma and discrimination,” he stated, further noting that leaders must not shy away from the many issues confronting them, regardless of how “uncomfortable it may be for some of us”.

“HIV and AIDS cannot be about personal interest, it has to be about the greater good,” he stated.

The Health Minister, therefore, said the three-day consultation was timely and important as the region seeks to identify concrete programmes and policies to dismantle structural barriers that deny human rights and impact vulnerability.

He said Caribbean leaders must use the opportunity to identify key elements of the Caribbean road map on the justice for all and human rights agenda as well as determine the measures to be put in place to reduce HIV-related stigma and the elimination of discrimination.

“We also aim to create a facilitative environment and removing discriminatory laws and practices,” he stated.

The Caribbean is the second-most affected region in the world in terms of HIV prevalence, with an estimated 260,000 people living with the disease. Key populations including men who have sex with men, sex workers, people who use drugs and transgender people remain most affected by HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The three-day consultative workshop is part of the PAN-Caribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS’ (PANCAP) Justice for All and Human Rights campaign and is being held under the theme: ‘Advancing justice for all and human rights in the Caribbean’.

It aims to advance the Caribbean human rights agenda and is the culmination of a series of national consultations held over the past six months, in several Caribbean countries.

Those in attendance at Thursday’s sitting included Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas; Montserrat’s Minister of Health, Education, Community Services and Labour, Colin Riley; and Grenada’s Minister of Health, Dr. Hon. Clarice Modeste Curwen.

The consultation is being coordinated by the PANCAP Coordinating Unit in collaboration with the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), the Government of Jamaica, and the University of the West Indies, with financial support from the Global Fund.

More Jamaican LGBTQ displacements & homeless challenges in 2014


As the homelessness issues continue in New Kingston’s business district and the hyped Dwayne’s House response that seems only aspirational more than functional as the public fundraising campaign without proper reporting to encourage persons to support it has led to some mistrust by some even as the population makes news as recently as the end of March with the police launching yet another crack down as they insist the men must leave the gully (described as a sewer for exaggeration by those involved in the PR campaign). Other populations in downtown have been seeing their own share of issues as spaces once occupied are removed in more geographic changes take effect. A recent newspaper article gave on an old restaurant building abandoned that had been used as a cruising spot, shelter unofficially for gay/bi men and unfortunately other miscreants has since seen a crackdown as well from police who say the spot has been used by “gay prostitutes” my last passage at the site was early one morning and cops were literally stationed in their vehicles by the area.

Homeless site designated such under the JLP administration yet it lies barren nearing the York Park Fire station. (photo: GLBTQJA)

In fact downtown especially following a mistake by a cruiser further westwards along the sea front stretch has lost its cover as a rest off or shelter of sorts for some homeless MSM/Trans or other homeless populations. The Urban Development Corporation and the Kingston & St Andrew Corporation, KSAC with some police involvement have vowed reportedly to also move in to address the “gay problem” an inside source also has reliably informed Gay Jamaica Watch that plans are afoot to permanently fence the problematic building by the waterfront, bush the other areas along the Port Royal Streets stretch and even the gully in New Kingston is to be looked at as pressure comes from the New Kingston civic association and Golden Triangle residents. “Enough is enough” was said to be one of the resolutionary terms used at a recent town hall/neighborhood watch meeting by one resident so much so that a subtle threat has been made not to return the Member of Parliament to the seat if he does not do more to clean up the area. The tossup between public order and a homeless population is real even as a cloudy report is circulated that a judge ruled the men persons in the gully could occupy but there is a problem here as the town and country acts, and other pieces of legislation and local authority instruments seem to trump that ruling and the police’s repeated visits to the group seems justified as they walk between the raindrops with this issue.

Internal conflicts, public raucous behaviour, accusations of robberies (yet again) attracting other miscreants to the business district, clashes with the nearby Club Escape (popular Bembe Thursdays event), soca season shenanigans has not helped and newer displacements further compound the issue. A fight on Grenada Crescent some nights ago where the cops had to come in only has served to have the patrols stepped up as searches intensify. Other parishes having some issues thanks to reliable sources and reports coming into Aphrodite’s PRIDE Jamaica’s reporting system had cases in Portland, St Catherine, Montego Bay, and St Thomas. A Portmore (St Catherine) is the one that is the most serious of the roster as an 18 year old male was almost beaten by community members nearing Gregory Park on April 2, 2014. He has been having some issues with his father over time after an argument almost two years ago after a male friend had visited the home not for any sexual reasons but to drop off notes from evening classes of which both attend, however the man had been profiled as gay by other community members who passed their suspicions to the father. The tense relationship culminated in an eviction and a humiliating outing on his avenue with bags and all and he left but not before a stone was thrown at him that hit his left foot. A call to a friend and so on led to me and a record of the incident taken. He has since been assisted by the all important community based shelter assistance as there are some kind folks around thankfully.

As usually obtains there are several other incidents out there as persons navigate life in tough yaad that have gone either unnoticed, unreported or dealt with by other outlets which makes the crisis communication and responses problematic as without hard evidence as years of anecdotal information is simply not enough, the nit picking of which issues to take on by the public advocacy is troubling as well as there have been some matter that require more exposure but are left or swept under the rug, the clarification of gay on gay versus homo-negative or homophobic incidents needs to be tightened and managed.

Sadly the public advocacy usually has implications for persons whether supportive or not to the cause or importance of same even as they become profiled are actually martyrs to the cause in some respects but no catchment, proactive or restorative interventions have been seriously put in place to handle displacements especially so we end up with a litany of cases with very low percentages of them being resolved or persons returning to some semblance of normalcy in their lives, advocacy pinged on victimhood cannot be the only way to address LGBTQ rights and or visibility. As I encourage allies and friends please try and assist where possible especially in assisted sheltering despite the awful experiences other persons have faced, that is of course if one feel so moved.

Peace and tolerance


Thursday, April 10, 2014

JFLAG has no moral authority to speak on homeless gay men in New Kingston says members of the public.

Firstly True tolerance MUST be demonstrably clear for it to be an effective tool for change.

So it seems that the public in times gone by thought that when JFLAG spoke to LGBT issues via public advocacy it was representing a united front but that belief seems to be dying rapidly within the last couple of years especially owing to the homeless MSM/Trans issues in New Kingston in particular showing the class divide, hypocrisy, elitism (terms such as monied homosexuals used) and perceived institutional bigotry that exists in the LGBT populations and a feeling of the have and have nots being more pronounced seeing said populations are a microcosm of general society, current public sentiments seem to support all of the above.

I agree in some respects and have been bringing this and other concerns to bear via this and my other blogs/podcasts but impervious minds don’t listen, do they? One cannot be asking for tolerance and acceptance when said items are only editorialised and academised for masturbatory intellectual sport via public advocacy but nothing more. Tolerance must be clear cut shown and visible in order to enhance credibility and then some of the lobbyists complain of resistance when the thrust is missing the active evidence? I was made aware of some of the comments via a recording sent to me by a reader of the discourse on some talk shows locally and have been monitoring some shows when I can. 

The justifications and sentiments: 


Reactions continue to come in following the latest public advocacy on the homeless LGBT youth in the business district of New Kingston as a recent press conference hosted by Jamaicans for Justice (video above), which also had the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, CVC and JFLAG present, a clip was carried on CVM TV on April 7 on the matter although the more substantive issue of the recent IACHR report where all the named organizations were present to address Jamaicans position in terms of recommendations by the body, former ED of Jamaicans for Justice and now Director of the CVC Carolyn Gomes spoke to the Northern Caribbean University cheer leading matter where a female student who played a male role in a routine and who also kissed the hand of another female has come in for disproportionate disciplinary action by the student leadership body and has caused a fire storm in the court of public opinion, Miss Gomes seems to have been made the mouth piece for JFLAG again instead of JFLAG speaking stridently on its own behalf a silence that has not gone unnoticed as well by members of the public all over where in one instance on social media a user asked why is only gay men issues that they are the loudest yet this one has a female involved yet they are quiet. So the cynicism in regards to lesbian-invisibility is present not sure how high it is though although coming from anti gay voices which points to credibility yet again. 

Jamaican human rights advocate uses the "H" word in submissions on intersex/lgbt issues at IACHR hearing where Miss Gomes erred using an outdated term to describe intersex individuals.
The crisis communication has not been an strong element of the struggle even after all these years and successive management that needs to be tightened.

None the less Dane Lewis Executive Director of JFLAG spoke to one of the recent police actions towards or against the homeless persons by that gully (described as a sewer for exaggeration by some) saying that he is concerned about the police harassment, I did not like the description however by CVM TV of JFLAG however as “one minority group” as if to search for a proper term for political correctness. Mr Lewis spoke to the police abuse and the diverse sexual identities in the group thus making the discrimination in his eyes more damaging.

Callers to several talk shows since the airing of that clip on CVM TV and even on social media have been weighing in, I do not dismiss these responses as gibberish as some lobbyists tend to do in contempt while reclining in their privileged positions, the court of public opinion must be watched to see where the minds of the people are at and then tailor the public advocacy alongside the crisis communication interventions where applicable as it is a cultural battle that we face not necessarily a legal one, instead what we continue to have is a corporatist behaving agency in handling LGBTQI matters while doing all that is possible to protect its image more so than being straight forward on the urgent situation of homelessness in New Kingston in particular. That does not include the other populations across the island. Callers expressed the continued disbelief for example of homophobic violence and or killings and the one female caller in particular on Newstalk 93FM built on the recent article by Dr Michael Abrahams on the lobby becoming a bully or bullyist tactics in public advocacy a growing perception since the Queen Ifrica matter, the airwaves have lit up since the article came to hand despite other matters of national importance competing for attention. HOT 102FM’s Mic 1 2 3 show host Steven Golding (son of “Not in Cabinet” former Prime Minister Bruce Golding) took a swipe as well as he always does on the matter as well in a one liner bearing in mind the station is owned by CVM TV that carried the aforementioned clip, sister program hosted by Betty Ann “Peter King Tape demanding” Blaine has not been so vocal on this recent set of issues yet by cursory glance, unless I missed it. Power 106FM’s Justice show as well has since some activity regarding the bully perception although the NCU student suspension matter has taken centre stage in as far as LGBT mattes are concerned. Nationwide radio too since the Gleaner article and the matter raised on different current affairs shows have also seen some hint to the perception of the poor response to the homeless one caller went as far as to suggest a similar “have and have nots” scenario or the “us and them syndrome” with the fat politician versus meagre selected populace, such inference was drawn with Mr Lewis’s appearance versus the homeless men as photoed and video captured in the gully.

Mrs Barbara Gloudon also raised some concerns on her Hotline show on RJR (was not able to hear alternate hosts Clive Mullings and Dr Orville Taylor’s take) similar to those she raised in July 2013 after the eviction of the homeless or squatting MSM/Transgender youth at MIllsborough Avenue where she asked what is going to happen to them while mindful of the “dem fi dead” (they are to be killed) sentiments by sections of the public. She questioned the identity of the men in terms of cross dressing etc and how did they get to be homeless and basically abandoned by more privileged gay persons, she questioned what is the lobby really doing than just talking about it and crying foul, “are they worthy of any human consideration?” “is it worth doing anything for them?” “What did their parents discover when they were children?” “We have been marching, we have been preaching, will any church consider giving them sanctuary?” she asked. Since the CVM news item she repeated her query/advocacy of sorts. (Tape not available unfortunately)

Ronald Mason’s Newstalk 93FM show that mostly deals with politics also segwayed into the matters as well where he asked what is going on when there are reportedly six lawyers who defend the men when they are allegedly abused yet JFLAG is missing, he reiterated a question he asked during the Millsborogh Avenue eviction “Where is JFLAG, you’re always aggressive in your advocacy for them, how about dealing with the disorderliness of them, that comes a part of your territory too, not just advocating for acceptance but where they create challenges to society we have to react to them or do you think they should be allowed free reign in that particular part of the corporate area?” he lamented as to the length of time it is taking to deal with the men so much so that the numbers have grown. Here comes the tossup between public order and the screaming welfare issues from a section of the LGBTQI populations.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s recent comments at the opening of the parliamentary year on the poor and vulnerable and her attempt to try to identify with their plights saying that she has felt the pain has not gone down well either as cynicism rises in that regard on the larger backdrop issues of job, the economy and crime, one caller on Power 106FM’s Justice show on Tuesday while opposing homosexuality as it were wondered aloud the hypocrisy or trickery by the PM as to their perception of a promised repeal of buggery or a conscience vote but she has ended up playing the usual three card trick in order to get votes, so it is not lost to some of the dithering or deception which ever suits. Other callers on Power 106FM, RJR and Nationwide also expressed similar opinions as well.

Then came the future victimization belief by some of the church/religious voices in free speech via local and international LGBT groups seeing that they oppose the “homosexual lifestyle” and related matters, the recent move by anti gay group Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, LCF on offering pro bono legal services for representing children who are abused has not escaped the notice as well of several callers and some see it as a covert move to address homosexual abuse of children of course playing also on the long held belief of predatory behaviour perceived or real of boys by older men or girls by older women or even teen on teen abuse. Terms such as homosexual grooming and rape are used especially on Love 101FM the leading Christian station and on NCU radio as well at the times I have been able to scan them. Also we must be mindful that with every public appearance of spokespersons or JFLAG on LGBT matters there must be a review of the temperature on the ground as experience has brought to bear there is always some spike of some sort in response to said public advocacy.

I have been watching the sluggish developments or lack thereof for some time in the recently hyped Dwayne’s House proposed solution even as the persons were or are still residing in the gully (sewer for some for exaggeration of the matter) or other dilapidated buildings and open spaces despite four or five other agencies also do outreach (HIV predominantly) interventions to the group including faith based owned and managed ones as the persons are peddled as vulnerable populations by the LGBT specific ones yet their conditions have not improved, not to mention the older populations prior to the advent of the gully (sewer) group who have been ignored now especially those who were the occupants of a previous residency you may have heard me mention the Safe House Pilot Project 2009. JFLAG sat back and watched that project close without any opposition to its parent organization Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, JASL as its board used the “bad behaviour” of the men mostly as justification to do so well before the expiration date while not allowing the various psycho social elements written into the project concept/rationales to be effected. Laudable as the Dwayne’s house looks on paper or public advocacy via social media and with certain names attached to it such as Yvonne McCallah Sobers of Families Against State terrorism the real power lies in the executives who sit behind JFLAG, JASL and CVCC to name a few yet no real moves seem afoot to address the issues. Laudable as well the visibility based campaigns in terms of voices coming out again pristine aspirational PR is not enough. The cop out excuse as well used by some apologists that there is not wide funding available for homelessness is an outright lie it is reintegration program funding and subsequent psychological support for families that is lacking and a cause for concern internationally which has been raised by others involved in similar interventions. Said funding for housing is not readily available for newer none state actors but for older ones with strong evidence of stigma, homophobia and crisis hence my resting the blame at the foot of JFLAG especially with fifteen years of existence but one wonders if they are only for that? Existing.

The powers that be apparently thought the men would simply disappear in the underground as was so prior to the shelter’s opening but instead we have ended up with five years of grief to date and yet JFLAG uses public advocacy to pretend they care, that all? The J could not speak up or out on the clear wrong of the closure of that shelter as the board/management committees of both Js are incestuous in nature in terms of composition so fiduciary responsibilities disappear all this despite anecdotal and hard evidence of displacement due to stigma etc. Yet the campaign is steeped too much on victimhood and still kept to the level of importance here as the populations are obviously used as martyrs voluntarily or not as if we cannot survive in Jamaica somehow while the underground railroad to asylum is overused in my eyes. It is not lost to the public that something is amiss while not knowing the inside shenanigans, despite changes to the leadership over time the same organizational psychology seems to still exist just by observing the public advocacy. A discussion on Newstalk 93FM’s Point Counterpoint morning show the matter of the homeless group in New Kingston, masculinity and sexuality came for mention on April 7th the dithering, refusal to offer real solutions and cloudy concepts of tolerance by the gay student representative displayed an elitist positioning on this was clear as crystal, while we understand there is room for academic review of the issues the academising and editorialising as pointed out by the social anthropologist on the show won’t solve the issue, making the populations poster children is not enough and smacks of a kind of hypocrisy on the part of the LGBT lobby collectively but I am not surprised as this has been the modus operandi for years as intellectuals recline in that world.

Mistakes, deceptions or omissions in public advocacy have had an effect for all involved including those who aren’t even involved directly.

JFLAG and others cannot be asking for tolerance when it is not already demonstrably clear and functioning not just presented as aspirational public relations or playing catch up when the issue has festered to the point of decay. More and more LGBT persons are being forcibly evicted or displaced, only last month three new cases came to hand through Aphrodite’s P.R.I.D.E Jamaica alone outside of other reporting mechanisms. The public and indeed some in the populations want more hard evidential success so as to change the homo-negative mindset out there, ignoring or dismissing the public sentiment especially that of the common or everyday Joe is not a good sign as it smacks of a kind of contempt while on a frolic of their own also while getting ahead of themselves in their perceived success. Elitism has no place in the struggle.

The HIV prevention credibility with respect with MSM is also being challenged with the latest ad campaign by the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, JCHS with their continued HIV is gay disease ploy which has the eyes and ears of locals and foreigners alike as evidenced in the Human Rights Day 2013 event hosted by them at the Emancipation Park, ironic that the park signifies freedom yet theocratic imperatives are made manifest repeatedly. Who is going to stand up openly for the least amongst us or I should say which individual or group with clout and power with HONESTLY stand and assist the youths to more from lives interrupted to some sort of independence eventually?

Why are the religious voices too creating outcasts and who really has the moral authority in these matters?

Lastly let me say it again True tolerance MUST be demonstrably clear for it to be an effective tool for change.

Interesting times ahead folks 


Peace and tolerance


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Alkaline (Rimming DJ) gets a homophobic response from newcomer Dwayno's track "Mr Faggoty"


Dear readers,

This one did not pass me I just never had to time to settle and put it together, so here it is as the war of words of sorts continue since the arrival of controversial artist Alkaline whose real name is Earlan Bartley, was born in 1993 in Kingston who released a song promoting rimming (an act some gay men also favour) in one line of a song that overall dealt with rough penetrative vaginal sex hence the interest via this blog.

In March I had looked the controversy and resulting death threats towards a fellow DJ with some public backlash in the post: "Rimming" promoting DJ gets blamed for freaky singjay's ostracism & death threats; Now comes Dwayno a newcomer in dancehall obviously piggy-backing on the controversy in order to make a name via his Facebook page as well whose correct name is Dwayne Forrester. The other controversial artist "J Amsterdam" with suggestive oral sex themed lyrics however did not come in the firing line of Dwayno (at least not yet), J Amsterdam has been reported in the Star News Entertainment section some time ago that he underestimated the backlash from his provocative "Wine Inna Mi Face" (sit or squat while rotating hips in ones face) song which is targeted for the heterosexual market, Ricky Carty and Demarco who also have very explicit materials have been spared too but it seems Alkaline's definitive reference to the anus as an erogenous zone is what has upset Dwayno and company. 


J Amsterdam

J Amsterdam also commented on Alkaline's 'anal licking' lyrics saying to another media outlet, "Alkaline is making it bad for me right now because people feel that he did the anal licking line because of me, Demarco and Ricky Carty. But what he did in his song with one line is worse than my entire song. This did me more harm than good because I have received no bookings, not even Tiana or D'Angel want to be associated with me. Persons have to be hypocrites to survive in this industry ... Jamaica is not ready for it, and even though I said oral sex in the song, I have never performed it,"

In fact Dwayno seems to be playing catch up with the latter two acts Demarco and J as his lates release "Sex Experience" attest.

Dwayno seen on the left with Vybz Kartel

"you shouldnt say so fagkaline you shouldn't say so

y you tell har fi put har tougue deh so

y u mek man pump like esso
when you see badman dont come deh so
mobay kington inna d ghetto
waltham man we kick off you head like eto
fagot dwoy better watch weh you talk 
Linstead man iron dogs we bark"
**** bouff dem (a mixtape)

Just some of the lines from one of his other tracks singling out Alkaline as promoting homosexuality under disguise as the Alkaline song explicitly instructs women to sit on his face and also perform "batty wash" (in one line of a stanza of the 2 minute song) or rimming as we know it to be named. The track has awakened Jamaicans revulsion to anal sex overall it seems be it with the same or opposite sex.

Here are two of the tracks now out blasting Alkaline, using "Fagakaline" as a stigmatizing name:

"No gal tongue caan guh near mi rear" (no female can put her tongue near/in my rear) is the line that gets some folks riled as witnessed at a few street dances that I have seen it spun by the disc jocks also "Nuh man caan touch mi rear" (no man cannot touch my rear); "If gal push tongue inna yuh batty yuh wi mek man fuck yuh inna yuh batty" (suggesting that if a girl rims you then it is likely you will allow yourself to be penetrated) as well usually causes an loud reaction causing the jocks to replay the track.

Some of the comments with regards to Alkaline's song are vitriolic to say the least such as:".........any man who make gal push tongue up dem asshole is a battyman!! alkaline getting off on gal licking him batty!! him worst dan nyamstardam!! mi would bun him out if him say him eat pussy!! but mi bun fire pan battyman more dan fire pan pussy sucker!! mi bun dem all but fire hotter for battyman!! alkaline a battyman!!"

here is the song in case you missed it:

Alkaline's public image however seems to have withstood the backlash thus far as a recent public performance he had positive reactions although he did not include the controversial materials in that set from his growing repertoire. His Facebook page also has the mixed reactions as some screenshots I took show with some persons linking him to the occult as well especially after the tattooing of his eyes as it were:

Even effeminate playright and roots play figure Shebada has weighed in by liking one of Alka's latest efforts released in March

see the video for the track HERE

Let us see if the Alka will respond or Dwayno continues his lyrical assault via some weird secular moralism while justifying multiple partnering, casual sex so why can't Alka be free to also express his own sexual desires or that of his listening audience who prior to now did not have a voice to do so.

also see:
Busy Signal's "We Nah Dweet" hits out at Down Low life & a certain Kartellic act

"Gay Look" for Kartel?

Popular Jamaican homophobic words 

Should we care about dancehall acts & rumours of gaydom?

Elephant Man's "A Nuh Fi Wi Fault" lyrics (flashback)

Vybz Kartel lashes back with "Woman Wi Love" song, has he forgotten it is he who blurred the lines of his own sexuality?

Out a Road: DJs who "hit out" hiding something?

Elephant Man called a "Fish" in dancehall rivalry 

Peace and tolerance



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What to Do .....

When Arrested and taken to a Police Station you have the right to:

a. Make a phone call: to a lawyer or relative or anyone
b. Ask to see a lawyer immediately: if you don’t have the money ask for a Duty Council
c. A Duty Council is a lawyer provided by the state
d. Talk to a lawyer before you talk to the police
e. Tell your lawyer if anyone hits you and identify who did so by name and number
f. Give no explanations excuses or stories: you can make your defense later in court based on what you and your lawyer decided
g. Ask the sub officer in charge of the station to grant bail once you are charged with an offence
h. Ask to be taken before a justice of The Peace immediately if the sub officer refuses you bail
i. Demand to be brought before a Resident Magistrate and have your lawyer ask the judge for bail
j. Ask that any property taken from you be listed and sealed in your presence
Cases of Assault:An assault is an apprehension that someone is about to hit you

The following may apply:
1) Call 119 or go to the station or the police arrives depending on the severity of the injuries

2) The report must be about the incident as it happened, once the report is admitted as evidence it becomes the basis for the trial

3) Critical evidence must be gathered as to the injuries received which may include a Doctor’s report of the injuries.

4) The description must be clearly stated; describing injuries directly and identifying them clearly, show the doctor the injuries clearly upon the visit it must be able to stand up under cross examination in court.

5) Misguided evidence threatens the credibility of the witness during a trial; avoid the questioning of the witnesses credibility, the tribunal of fact must be able to rely on the witness’s word in presenting evidence

6) The court is guided by credible evidence on which it will make it’s finding of facts

7) Bolster the credibility of a case by a report from an independent disinterested party.

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